Academic Off-Campus Activities Safety Program

UNC Asheville values the benefits of Off-Campus Activities and travel that allow members of the University Community to broaden their experiences, expand and share their knowledge, and encourage innovation and collaboration in support of the University’s mission. The University has a variety of unique programs and collaborations and affiliations for faculty, staff, and students that enhance the research and teaching aspects of the University’s mandate. Not only do these activities benefit the members of the University Community by creating a vibrant learning and research environment, they also allow members of the University Community to bring their knowledge and expertise to others and help the University build a strong national and international reputation.

Off-Campus Activities and travel by their nature introduce some level of Risk. The University is committed to supporting its off-campus activity participants in planning and participating in safe, educational off campus experiences.

Academic Off-Campus Activities include Conferences, Class Trips, Field Based Courses, and Field Research.

The Principle Investigator/Activity Coordinator is responsible for developing a safety program to accompany Off-Campus Activities. Safety Programs include the itinerary of the program, a participation list, and a risk assessment of the activity.

Safety Programs are to be submitted in Chrome River as part of the Program’s travel request. Department Chairs and associated Deans are responsible for approving travel requests based on the accompanying Safety Program.

UNCA Academic Off-Campus Risk Assessment Procedure 

Forms to guide Principal Investigators/Activity Coordinator(s) with the development  of an Off-Campus Activities Safety Program

UNCA Off-Campus Activity Itinerary Form

UNCA Off-Campus Activity Participant Form 

UNCA Off-Campus Activity Risk Assessment Form

Off-Campus Activity Requirements


Class Trips

Field Based Courses and Field Research

Student Participation Forms

Student Waiver, Release, and Authorization Template

Student Participation Agreement

Student Travel Medical Authorization 

Additional Resources for Field Based Courses and Field Research

UNCA Field Operations Safety Manual 

Study Abroad

UNC Asheville Study Abroad