Machine Shop Safety Program

It is the responsibility of each academic department that uses machinery for purposes of fabrication to designate a qualified Shop Supervisor(s)/Manager(s) to implement a Machine Shop Safety Program to ensure a safe working environment for faculty, staff, and students.  Shop Supervisor(s) must be experienced and competent in the safe use of all tools and machinery in the Shop.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department provides technical support to Shop Supervisors/Managers by conducting annual assessments of University machine shops; monitoring and communicating proposed safety standards/regulations; assisting in the assessment of machine shop equipment; and investigating suspected unsafe conditions or accidents.

Machine Shop Safety Programs address controlling access to shop space and equipment, shop specific operating rules, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for machinery and documentation and authorization for equipment use.
Machine Shop Safety Guidelines for Academic Departments

Academic Machine Shop Equipment Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Library