On-line Videos

Some environmental health and safety training is available electronically by program. You can access this training via its link.

Biological Safety

Available soon.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Take General Bloodborne Pathogens for Non-Medical Employees Training.

Confined Spaces

Take Confined Spaces Awareness Training.

Contractor Safety

Available soon.

Electrical Safety

Take Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Refresher Training.

Take What is Lockout Tagout.

Take Lockout Tagout Procedure Training.

Take Master Lock Lockout Tagout Training.

Take Eaton Arc Flash Training.

Take NIOSH Arc Flash Training.

Emergency Evacuation

Take Emergency Evacuation Checklist Training.

Take Emergency Evacuation and Prepardness Training.


Take Ergonomics at Work Training.

Take Office Ergonomics Training.

Fall Prevention

Take Step Ladder Safety Training.

Take Single or Extension Ladder Safety Training.

Take Articulated Ladder Safety Training.

Take Fall Protection Safety Training.

Take Slips, Trips & Falls.

Fire Prevention

Take AFD Fire Extinguisher Training for New Employees.

Take Fire Extinguisher Refresher Training.

Take Monthly Emergency Lights & Exit Signs Inspection Training.

Take Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Training.

Take Monthly ABC Fire Extinguisher Inspection Training for Housekeeping Staff.

Take OSHA Fire Extinguisher Training.

Food Safety

Take Food Safety Training.

Hazard Commuincation

Take Chemical Safety Training for Housekeeping.

Take Chemical Safety Labeling Training for Housekeeping.

Hazardous Waste

Available soon.

Hearing Conservation

Take Hearing Conservation Training.

Job Safety or Hazard Analysis

Take Job Safety/Hazard Analysis Training.

Take Job Analysis Training.

Incident Prevention, Reporting & Investigation

Available soon.

Laboratory & Chemical Safety

Available soon.

Laser Safety

Available soon.

Machine Guarding & Safety

Take Miter Saw Safety Training.

Take Table Saw Safety Training.

Take How to Use a Table Saw.


Take MIG Welding for Beginners Training.

Take MIG Welding Positions.

Take Miller Syncrowave 210 AC/DC TIG/MIG Welding Training.

Personal Protective Equipment

Ear Protection

Take Moldex Foam Ear Plug Donning Training.

Take 3M Foam Ear Plug Donning Training.

Take 3M Ear Muff Protection Donning Training.

Take Moldex Ear Band Protection Donning Training.

Eye Protection

Take In the Blink of an Eye.

Hand Protection

Take Do’s & Don’ts of Gloves.

Take Hand Safety Training.

Take Hand Protection Training.

Head Protection

Take Ridgeline Head Protection Training.

Take Vallen Head Protection Training.

Trunk Protection

Take ABC's of Fall Protection.

Take Fall Protection Equipment Safety Training.

Portable & Powered Hand Tools

Take Angle Grinder Safety Training.

Take PTI Angle Grinder Safety Training.

Take Circular Saw Safety Training.

Take Miter Saw Safety Training.

Take Power Tool Safety Training.

Powered Industrial Trucks & Equipment

Take Aerial Lift Safety Training.

Take Genie AWP SS Lift Safety Training.

Take Genie Lift Products Safety Training.

Take JLG Sissor Lift Walk-A-Round Safety Inspection Training.

Take JLG Sissor Lift Safety Training.

Radiation Safety

Available soon.

Respiratory Protection

Take Respirator Fit Test Demonstration Training.

Safety Off-the-Job

Take Home Fire Extinguisher PASS Training.

Take Christmas Tree Fire Safety.

Take NFPA Grilling Safety.

Take How to Clean a Washing Machine.

Workplace Safety & Health

Bike Safety

Take Bike Safety Training.

Job Safety

Take Housekeeping Job Safety Training.

Take Warehouse Safety.

Take Distracted Driving.

Occupancy Load

Take What is Occupancy Load.

Occupational Safety & Health

Take OSHA Overview.

Take Occupational Safety & Health Program Overview.

Pedestrian Safety

Take Safe Pedestrian Crossing Training.

Take Everyone's a Pedestrian.

Take Slow Down Asheville.

Workplace Hazards & Signs

Take OSHA and ANSI Hazard Signs.

Take OSHA Hazard Signs.

Take Pipe Marking Identification.

Workplace Stress

Take Workplace Stress & Prevention for Organizations - Part One.

Take Workplace Stress & Prevention for Organizations - Part Two.