Powered Industrial Trucks & Equipment

Aerial Lift Equipment

Aerial work plantforms are used to position people to work at heights.  This Procedure describes the safety policies and practices to protect workers while working on aerial work platforms.  Before employees are allowed to operate an aerial work platform, review of the procedure, classroom and hands on training, and approval by the aerial work platform coordinator is required. 

Aerial Work Platform Procedure

Forms associated with the use of an Aerial Work Platform can be found under the "Forms" tab.  These forms include the:

  • Aerial Work Platform Check Out Form
  • Aerial Work Platform Inspection Form
  • Aerial Work Platform Out of Service Sign

If you have questions regarding the Aerial Work Platform Procedure, contact am member of the EHS Team.

Dock Lift Equipment

Elevating Docks are used for unloading materials received by truck.  Their safe use is required by employees, delivery personnel and vendors.  See the Elevating Dock Platform procedure for more information.

Elevating Dock Procedure