Fall Prevention

Working at Heights

When work is performed on elevated surfaces that are (4) four feet or more above the surrounding area in an industrial setting (or six feet or more above the surrounding area in a construction setting), protection against falls must be considered. Fall arresting systems, which include lifelines, body harnesses, and other equipment, are often used when fall hazards cannot be controlled by any other means. These systems are designed to stop a person from free falling while limiting the forces imposed on the wearer.

Ensuring the safety of employees and contractors who are required to work at heights is of critical importance.  The University’s Fall Prevention Program protects both employees and contractors and identifies the protective equipment they must wear when performing work above ground level.

Fall Protection Procedure

The Fall Protection Equipment Inspection form can be found under the “Forms” tab.  If you have questions in regards to fall protection or fall protection equipment, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (828) 251-6038.

National Institutues of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)

NIOSH provides many resources for fall prevention, below are just a few.

NIOSH 2004-156 Preventing Falls of Workers Through Skylights, Roofs & Floor Openings

The Ladder Safety App, NIOSH’s first mobile application, is designed to improve extension and step ladder safety — a concern for those who’s work requires ladder use. Try it now.

NIOSH Ladder Safety App